The Boat

The J22 is a 22ft strict one design keel boat sailed by either 3 or 4 crew members with a total crew weight not exceeding 275kg. This Class of racing boat is represented at many keelboat clubs across South Africa.

The J22 is also a wonderful day sailor because of its roomy cockpit, beamy and stable for its size, easy to handle and the small cabin trunk with flat decks add to the fun factor of the boat. It has fine ends, a generous maximum beam and a firm mid section to help with initial stability. The boat is un-swampable because of the air tanks built under the forward v-berth and the cockpit. It also has offshore hatch boards and a self bailing cockpit. Easily trailerable, it can be launched by crane or from a ramp with a custom built trailer. The mast is deck stepped making it a simple operation for two people to rig and then break down for return traveling.

The J22 is the choice of small one design keelboat fleets across the world, because she has proven to be great value and a favourite among juniors and adults alike.

It is the one design racing that best sums up what the J22 is all about. Governed by a class association of dedicated and enthusiastic sailors, the driving force is the sheer enjoyment of J22 sailing. The class has developed rules that emphasize both fun and fair competition. For class racing, sails are restricted to a mainsail, jib and spinnaker, not forgetting that the total crew weight cannot exceed 275kg.

There are over 2500 J22’s now sailing in 65 active fleets in eighteen countries across 3 continents. Recognized by the World Sailing, the international J22 class promotes activities and events world wide.

In terms of value, the J22 cannot be beaten for versatility, affordability and just overall fun and excitement! To put it simply, “there is still no better one design value available in a 22ft keel boat today”.